Friday, November 4, 2011

Guest Post: Hosted by the Bags I Dream About

Proenza Schouler PS1 leather bag
I am the bag you casually rock on your weekend stroll like it's no big deal, when really, it is. See I may seem like your average, everyday leather satchel but true fashionistas know what goes on behind my inherent nonchalantness. I make all the passerbys jealous of you: I even make the hipsters rue the day they decided to eschew the mainstream, consumer lifestyle and fashion their handbags out of recycled mason jars. 

YSL leather tote
When you are a successful lawyer, I will be what you carry. While your history of past case achievements speak for themselves, when you stride into the courtroom or the boardroom, I will entrench in everyone's mind that you are the most bad-ass lawyer bitch in town. And when you reach for the document that full-out proves that the accused is one pervy mofo or that the corporation knowingly dumped oil in the gulf, you will pull it out of me. Justice is served.

Alexander McQueen Skull Pony Box Clutch
I am the bag you take when you go out in your now-adult life. I am dangerous yet sophisticated and I make you want to behave like an adult, because, quite frankly, using me as a puke receptacle is not an option.  With me, you'll always order martinis, or perhaps dry red wines, and you will judge those young plebeians who pound back tequila shots like the apocalypse is nigh. With me, your nights will never end surrounded by half-eaten platters of poutine.

Givenchy Antigonia tote
 I am your perfect bag. When we first met, it was love at first sight. You placed me on your desk and you stared at me all afternoon. It was not creepy at all. Even though we are apart now, one day, when you have saved enough money by living off ramen noodles for two months, we will be reunited. And we will never part again.

All bags available at my place of work, All bags sadly very out of my price point.

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  1. yeeeees, I love this post emma, and I love all those bags. Please continue your awesome blog so that I will always have something hilarious and insightful to read -nan