Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You're Ouwt: Blue Tights

Seeing this photo of Sarah Jessica Parker reminds me of my utter distaste for blue tights. I have tried to embrace the look but I cannot get over the fact that no matter how fit or toned one's legs are, if one chooses to go blue regardless of the shade, one never comes off as fun and cute but rather one always looks like a certain blue cartoon character. While I'm all for wearing colour, there are so many better ways to sport it without looking like an aspiring smurf. The disgust I hold for blue tights is a complex from which I cannot escape.

And so I now present the newest additions to the smurfettes (dubbed by yours truly): Gossip Girl Smurf, It Girl Smurf, City Smurf, Soul Smurf, Arwen Smurf, and Edgy Smurf.


So in conclusion, skip the blue tights unless you are aspiring to be the next smurfette (a task I think Nicki Minaj is actually trying to achieve).

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