Monday, December 19, 2011

New Week, New Thangs

Why wait until the new year? Take advantage of the fresh start of the new week by trying the following things:

Make Christmas sweaters look acceptable by sporting them with denim cutoffs (add tights if you live in colder climates).

Think about this, this holiday season.

Go full-out with a holiday-themed manicure. 
(found here, here, and here)

Instead of listening to the ear-assault that is this for Christmas music, listen to the soothing sounds of Sufjan.

Attempt some DIY projects, such as the ones found on A Beautiful Mess and A Pair & A Spare, in lieu of buying last-minute gifts. Bonus points for incorporating neon!

Do this to anyone, friends, family, even your cat

Indulge on as many treats as you can fit into your mouth. Achieving Karlie Kloss' body is one thing that can wait until the new year. 

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