Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You're In: Work Onesie

If you're fortunate enough to work at a place with a liberal dress code such as I do, then an essential part of your work wardrobe should be the work onesie (work onesie [wurk wuhnsee]: a jumper that is acceptable for the work place). Work onesies offer the ultimate level of comfort without making one look like a total slob in front of one's boss. And they're perfect for days when you're a little under the weather (such as the day after the office Christmas party) or when you simply feel like not being productive. The onesie I found below is from Haltson Heritage and I got it at 80% off from the Bay back in the summer. It has seriously changed my life. I no longer have to resort to leggings when I want to be comfortable at work. And gone are the days when I turn to my lululemons as a travel outfit (yes, the work onesie also functions as a travel onesie). Work onesies are a serious investment piece. 

(please excuse the awkward posing below - I don't do this often - and focus on the shit that matters, that being the onesie)


The thing that one must remember is that not every onesie can be a work onesie. Strapless onesies and onesies with spaghetti straps are not acceptable unless the top is covered up with a cute cardigan or blazer. Also, remember that onesies look a lot better when paired with heeled shoes (so no one can argue that you're not putting in effort). I'm sure everyone would love to sport the work onesie that Virginie Courtin-Clarins was wearing the other day however, not everyone can afford Louis Vuitton. So here are more reasonable work onesies that I found on various sites.

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