Tuesday, October 4, 2011


1. Who am I?
Two things you need to know right off the bat: I can justify any purchase and if you wear Crocs in public we cannot be friends. The rest you can find out by reading this blog.

2. Why am I blogging?
I am currently in the awkward transitional period between completing my undergrad and attending graduate school (because lord knows my BCom from McGill is worth anything in today's job market). I am passing the time and supporting myself by working at a web-based high-end fashion retailer as a Junior Stylist, which is totally unrelated to anything I studied at university (see previous sentence re: worthlessness of my degree). However, I deem this job acceptable because I do have more than a slight obsession with fashion. I became a member of the blogosphere last year while on exchange in Paris (which you can read about here) and decided to start up again because I felt my life was lacking a creative outlet . Except this time, instead of blogging about my amoeba-like behaviour in Europe, the focus will be on stuff that inspires me, namely clothing.

3. Why "See She Buys"?
The title of this blog is a play on a tattoo I have on my lower right back (much to my mom's dismay): see she flies, and she is everywhere. These are lyrics from the Nick Drake song "From the Morning" (much to my dismay, now featured in an AT&T commercial). The title is also a reference to the inherent consumerism I possess as a Gen Y-er (my compulsive shopping is simply attributable to a belief entrenched by my generation aka it's not my fault).

4. There are already 2280381 fashion bloggers out there, why am I joining their ranks?
I have become somewhat frustrated by the current fashion blog offerings for two reasons:
i. I feel like there is a lack of dialogue with readers by many (many, not all) fashion bloggers. A lot of bloggers tend to replace content and substance with pictures of themselves dressed stylishly and posing like models in their driveway or in fields. While this works for some people, I find it gets quite monotonous if your entire blog is you standing on a train track looking coyly into the camera, regardless of how nicely you are dressed. I admire bloggers like Scott Schuman, Garance Dore, and Leandre Medine, who engage readers by forming a dialogue through comments, anecdotes, and reader input, and who, especially in the case of the hilarious Man Repeller Leandre, do not take themselves so seriously. Hence I aim to make this more about the clothes and the fashion itself.
ii. Many blogs show clothes, albeit beautiful clothes, that are rather inaccessible to the every day working girl, which is frustrating. Not everyone's parents can be fashion editors or boutique owners and not everyone can afford up-to-date designer outs. Thus, what I want to show to readers (aka my grandma and my cat) is that one doesn't need to rock an entire designer outfit nor spend boatloads of money to be deemed stylish.

5.  Why should you care what I have to say?
While I do not possess a degree in fashion nor am I a "fashion expert" by any means, it has been an interest of mine for quite some time. In high school, I was voted "most individual style". Albeit this honour (or diss...still haven't quite figured that one out) was not that hard to achieve at a public high school in the 'burbs of North Vancouver where everyone wore Aritzia and Lululemon, it still is an example of my style "standing out from the crowd" and hence it's a badge of which I will never let go. You should also care as my current role as a stylist affords me the luxury of being to exposed to beautiful - and sometimes not-so-beautiful - clothes every single day. Lastly, my sartorial opinion doesn't necessarily always coincide with that of the editorial status quo. They may call me a plebeian, but I don't think the recent Stella McCartney S/S 2012 collection was all that great nor do I think that piling on rings and bracelets constitutes good style sense. If anything, this blog will present an alternative viewpoint of the fashion world.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy. Comment. Critique. The like.

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