Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dior in Halifax? Who would have thought.

When I went to Halifax for Thanksgiving weekend, I wasn't exactly expecting much of the retail scene there (hell, I wasn't expecting much of the fashion...I even asked my friend if people wore heels to the bars there. She justifiably made me feel like an idiot by answering, "Emma, Halifax is not the country"). So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the treasure trove that is Elsie's. Located on Queens Street, Elsie's is a two-floor paradise full of amazing vintage and consignment pieces. Initially, I was drawn in because I spotted a beautiful Valentino jacket from the sidewalk. As I meandered through the store, I discovered more and more incredible pieces, ranging from silk scarves in the $2 bin to Burberry trench coats, Chanel suits, Gucci purses, and Escada blouses. 

The peak of my vintagegasm materalized when I spotted a pair of brown leather C√©line boots for $40. Unfortunately my fat-ass size 8.5 feet were too big for the size 7.5 boots so I forced my little sister to buy them. She'll thank me when she's older. 

For myself, I found a beautiful black Christian Dior full-length coat....for $75. The coat is in perfect condition save for some obvious DIY sewing touch-ups on the lining. I had been in the market for a fall coat so I was happy that I found one for so cheap given the quality, fabric (100% lambswool), and brand. 

The coat was a wee bit big so I also bought a belt for the waist. Size problem solved.

It's pretty obvious that I love clothes but one of the things I especially love is vintage clothing. Sure it may be harder to find stuff that you like but when you do, it's a million times more gratifying. Plus it's pretty much guaranteed that no one else will have that item, which you can't say about whatever you buy at Aritizia, for example. Also, there is always a great story behind vintage pieces. The Dior coat belonged to a model who lived in New York in the 1970's and has since moved to Colorado to become a Buddhist. Her quest for Nirvana is my gain.
Long story short, if you're ever in Halifax, check out Elsie's and tell me what you find.

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