Sunday, October 30, 2011

You're In: Mullets

Mullet dresses have been in for quite some and they are a style I wholeheartedly support for their class and total unexpectedness (the same applies to their influencers). I mean you're looking at the front of a dress, thinking that it's just an ordinary minidress, when BAM, you see that piece (or pieces) of fabric off the back. Suddenly, a boring minidress has been transformed into an awe-inspiring full-blown mullet dress. Such a mindfuck.
Like their hairstyle counterparts, mullet dresses have different styles that are appropriate for different occasions.  So keep this in mind when selecting your mullet (dress).

For example, choose the following styles when you want to...

Zoe Kravitz

Keep it casual.

Taylor Momsen

Be a bad-ass.

Emilio Pucci

Project sophistication.

Giambattista Valli


Go big or go home.

Mullets = hell yeah

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  1. Did Brendan make you write this post? I'm concerned.